CEO -Message

Nakoda perceived as a company with a difference has been active in producing active pharmaceutical ingredients. With limited small scale operations, Company has left its mark on pharmaceutical industry with many firsts to its credit.

Company has followed an innovative model since its inception wherein quite a few of company's products are developed for the first time in the country. Company has built internal capabilities to scale up a product from test tube level to commercial levels via kilo level & pilot level. This model has given company substantial strengths to fight out the competition & be a key player in its product segments in global markets.

Company's policy of continuous improvements in production processes and process technologies has also paid rich dividends as the customers are much comfortable dealing with company. Product quality has been optimized to meet global standards and impurities have been identified and characterized.

As the API's are meant for Human consumption, Company will continue to give its top most priority to upgradation of systems and technology and leave its mark on society.